Water Damage Management Guide 

Whether you are a property manager of a commercial building, government institution, or residential complex, it is important to stay safe and prepared. This guide will help you deal with the challenges that arise from excess water whether it is caused by weather-related flooding, a broken water line or a drain backup.

Download this free guide to discover:

  • Different Water Damage Categories 
  • A 5 Step Water Damage Response Plan
  • Guide to Structural Drying Calculations 
  • Key Questions to Ask When Facing Water Damage 

Flooding can cause serious property damage and should not be overlooked when planning to protect the buildings you manage. It can ruin furnishings, damage irreplaceable equipment and critical data. It can even impact the structural integrity of the building. Worst case, your business can come to a complete standstill — employees unable to work, revenue opportunities lost, and service levels dropped.

At FIRST ONSITE, we have seen the effects of water damage and want you to be aware of the risks and how to keep the buildings you manage safe and the people inside the buildings even safer.

Not all water damage is created equal: There are three risk categories of water damage, and the distinction makes a big difference in how you handle repairs. Download the Water Damage Management Guide and find out more about each risk category.

A 5 Step Water Damage Response Plan: This plan highlights ways you can protect the health and safety of building occupants, outlines how to remove contaminants and how to deal with contaminated water and other considerations.

Protect the health and safety of your occupants.  This guide outlines the steps on how to remove contaminants and how to deal with contaminated water and other considerations.

Guide to Structural Drying Calculations: Get moisture particles out of the air and avoid dampness in and around the property.  With this guide, you are provided with the right calculations for your drying equipment.

Ask yourself critical questions when dealing with water damage:With this guide, you'll know the right questions to ask and where to get the answers. Starting with, are there any life and safety concerns? Have you notified your employees or patrons of the potential safety hazards? Have you notified your insurance company? 

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Learn how to deal with the challenges of excess water caused by flooding, broken water lines and drain backā€‘ups.



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